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History of our club !

Indy Cat club Inc. was born out of a desire to be one of the best cat clubs in Indiana and to be associated with the cat fanciers' Association Inc. The primary goal of the small group of cat fanciers' in central Indiana was to have a club that was dedicated to sponsor a cat show with emphasis on the exhibitor. While paperwork was being processed, the club put on a household pet show to raise money for the first show. Not for profit and Incorporated status was given to the club in 1973. Thirty plus years later, members of the Indy club still take pride in putting our exhibitors first.

The club logo was designed by Greg Steeb for Exclusive use of Indy cat club and Incorporates a little of Indianapolis 's heritage as "The Race Capital of the world"

Our members have interest from being household pet owners to breeding and showing registered cats for Regional to National wins. The primary Goal of the club are:

To promote growth and interest in , and knowledge of, cats through Educational publicity and programs.

To breed and /or show as to comply with the breed standards of the cat fanciers' Association for long hair and short hair cats.

To promote interest in feline health,research and care. To support feline organizations as applicable. 





Indy Cat Club is located in Indianapolis IN